Farm & Garden

Elizabeth Anna is more than a garden center or a market. It is a city farm to be experienced!

>>Goat’s in the city?<<

First and foremost our goats are our personal Pets, but every animal needs a Job and ours have plenty. Goats help with brush control, pasture aeration, and they provide lots of manure for composting, which is turn makes beautiful soils to grow plants, what they in turn can forge on making sure they have plenty of nutrient fodder so that they produce delicious milk. Sorry, we do not sell their milk, but we offer classes and volunteer opportunities with the goats and by-products. Beyond that they provide opportunities for our community to reset and realize that our world can be a better place.


We offer many products and services. Including…

  • Roses
  • Texas native and adaptable plants
  • Old fashioned favorites
  • Herbs: culinary and medicinal
  • Fruit and veggies plants
  • Organic  & heirloom seeds
  • Pet & Poultry Food
  • Organic fertilizers and soils
  • High Quality pet food
  • Green cleaning products for home and garden
  • Personal products
  • Speciality food items
  • Fair trade food
  • Garden tools
  • Chicks and ducks for adoption
  • Goats for adoption