Sustainable Landscape

Sustainable / Organic

Restore, Conserve and Nurture

At Elizabeth Anna’s we are continually reminded of the vitality and natural order of the elements of permanence we are privileged to work with each day: earth, water, sun, and wind.

We specialize in steep slopes! love the passive water opportunity.

We specialize in steep slopes! love the passive water opportunity.





working with the elements to create your landscape and outdoor living spaces, we strive to:

  • Restore the natural balance of your garden’s soil and the complexity of life that lies within.
  • Conserve and be good stewards of our natural resources, particularly our shared water resources.
  • Off set our carbon footprint  by working in water wise plant diversity.
  • Nurture and foster our customer’s knowledge and understanding of sustainable landscape practices.

Elizabeth Anna’s follows a step by step process to complete our restoration and conservation goals for your property.

The Organic Foundations Program is designed to revitalize your soil’s food web by means of a ‘three-step’ process:

  • Determining the composition of your soil and what the needed organic and biological soil amendments are to bring your property to health.
  • Amending, planting and mulching your garden with prescribed practices that will conserve and strengthen your soil’s biological complexity.
  • BioSolutions Applications composed of compost tea amended with soluble organic fertilizers, penetrating agents and specific microbial inoculants are suggested for sustained plant health and soil revitalization.

Elizabeth Anna’s employs a three tier approach to conserving our region’s fresh water resources by:

  • Designing and installing gardens that utilize passive water harvesting whenever possible to create a water-efficient garden.
  • Providing appropriate irrigation technology in the form of advanced weather based controllers, efficient pressure-regulating irrigation nozzles and drip irrigation.
  • Educating our customers how to maintain and improve their garden’s health and vitality through organic practices

All the icing is in place.