Gardenscape services

Our philosophy

Garden artistry is like a collage—using available materials and creating beauty that nurtures the heart, spirit, and body.  The design process is not limited to simply drawing a sketch.  Our design fee covers our time creating, gathering possibilities, and planning a package unique for your space and needs.

Permiculture - Structures

Organic methods

Landscape installation, and gardening maintenance are carried out using organic practices. Synthetic chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are not used in our work. We realize and value the importance between healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people.

We are earth conscience so our green commitment  from the start is to reuse, recycle and restore as much as possible in our work practices and design practices.

We respect and place high value on the people we serve, as well as the people we employ. We believe in fair-trade in the industry for our workers and our clients.

Explanation of services 

On-site garden artistry includes the following:

  • Composing plant placement
  • Trimming & shaping artfully
  • Thinning and transplanting
  • Reorganizing existing plants
  • Using existing pieces (stones, containers, iron, furniture, etc.)

*General gardening includes such things as cutting, clearing, dead heading, and organic application (i.e., building a bio-diverse environment).

Due to the nature of landscaping at times unavoidable  damages, uncovered hard pain, and other underground variances may occur. Rather than pad the repair costs into the fee, we feel it is just fair to bill separately for any needed repairs.

  • Rather than pad this into the fee, we believe it to be fair and advantageous to our clients that we simply make adjustments in the event that such an occurrence surfaces. We do not anticipate this happening; however, if problems are uncovered (i.e., plumbers, drainage, etc.), we always provide the homeowner with a notice and an estimate of additional costs.
  • Your deposit is to cover materials used to complete your job and our crew’s scheduling so therefore the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Sales tax is NOT included in the total value.
  • Groundbreaking dates and time estimates are dependent upon no unforeseen events happening—such as adverse weather conditions or plant availability.
  • Due to plant availability, plant substitutions may be necessary. Elizabeth gives special attention to find plants that best suit your garden.
  • We guarantee the life of our plants the 1st 30 days, assuming they get proper care and there are no adverse weather conditions (sudden drop in temperature or temperatures in 20’s or below). However, if a plant dies despite adequate care, we must be notified within that 30 day time frame and we welcome our clients to come pick up replacement plants from our shoppe free of charge. If a tree we install dies, we will determine the cause; if the tree is faulty; our crew will remove the tree and replace it at no cost to the client.

Financial Matters 

  • After your initial consultation, a designer will estimate the cost of your design package. At that time a 50% retainer is due, which is non-refundable. The remaining half of the design fee is due at the time of presentation.
  • If you secure our services for a design only, please keep in mind that the design cost will be higher since we are producing a detailed package for others to follow.
  • To secure our services a deposit is required with a signed agreement between Parties.
  • A minimum hauling fee ($30 to $60) reflects the reality that our crews prepare for the maintenance or installation of your gardens off-site. This includes picking up plants, assembling needed equipment, etc.