Butternut Squash Bake

Earlier this week, Sallie Rody made this recipe for me in a time bank exchange. It was the most scrumptious dinner (not just because I didn’t have to make it myself). This recipe reminded us both of Thanksgiving, and it will probably be my contribution to various holiday gatherings later this year. Also, it was so good my husband and I could hardly stop ourselves from eating the entire dish in one night. But the need for leftovers to eat for lunch the next day, fortunately, won out.

Check out the recipe on Allrecipes.com by clicking here.



For those who don’t know about time banking, it is an amazing concept and a form of alternative currency. Think of it as bartering time, except exchanges don’t have to be direct. One member might volunteer an hour or perform a service for an hour to earn a credit. Then, through the time bank, that member can redeem their credit for an hour of service from another member. Find out more about the North Texas Time Bank here.

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