The Unconventional Edible Garden, a new book by Elizabeth Anna Samudio

Book by Elizabeth Anna Samudio: The Unconventional Edible Garden

Elizabeth Anna Samudio’s new book is now available on Amazon and in our Fort Worth shop!


The Unconventional Edible Garden: Growing Food in Texas and Other Hard and Difficult Places is a month-by-month growing guide with concise monthly to-do lists, planting instructions, permaculture musings, and personal memoirs. There are no other books on the market for our climate like this and it will be a treasure for so many gardeners!

  • 8×10″
  • 140 pages
  • Softcover
  • Sturdy, hidden-wire binding
  • Full-color photos throughout
  • Journal space for each month
  • Dot-grid paper for each season
  • To-do lists for each month
  • Specific lists of seeds and starts, and when to plant them
  • Climate-specific permaculture techniques
  • Precious stories from Elizabeth’s life, which sadly ended this past August
  • **Ebook coming soon!**

If the forty million of acres of lawn in the United States were planted following Elizabeth’s instructions in her wonderful book, we would never want for fresh and healthy food. She has written the perfect manual for small, intensive systems at a human scale. This is so doable! Buy it, read it, and put it into practice now! Teachers are always seeking students that surpass them in knowledge and doing. As Elizabeth’s former instructor, I can say that she has done this. Enjoy and reap.


— Wayne Weiseman, author of Integrated Forest Gardening, Owner/Operator of The Permaculture Project LLC

Elizabeth Anna Samudio, Certified Permaculture Designer and co-owner of Elizabeth Anna Urban Farm & Market, spent many years compiling the best of her expert gardening advice into this month-by-month guide, tailored for North Texas, but also useful in many other difficult locations that experience a wide variety of weather conditions, specifically drought and high temperatures.

A transplant from the state of Washington, Elizabeth brought her commitment of green living to North Texas in 1990 when she filled an earthen container with herbs, blooms, and edibles in front of Starbucks. It’s no surprise, since her roots go deep into the fertile culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Her love for nature and beauty has grown into an all-organic, eco-friendly farm, garden, and landscape business, as well as a CSA program, grocery, and produce shop, that has been serving the gardeners and foodies of Fort Worth for the past sixteen years. She has taught many classes at the farm, but until now, her wisdom of applying permaculture principles to our specific climate has been difficult to sum up.

Elizabeth wrote most of this book many years ago, but had let it sit untouched for a while. Then in 2015, while unable to work outdoors due to ovarian cancer, she found herself with plenty of time to put the finishing touches on her masterpiece.

We all were dealt a heavy loss when Elizabeth passed away at the end of August 2016. Her legacy continues under the oversight of her business partner and husband of twenty-six years, James Samudio. Elizabeth and James’ shop and landscape design company is still alive and well. The market is typically open Thursday through Saturday. Check the Facebook page for updates!

Here’s a sneak peak of the book: