"Food doesn't get anymore local than this!"

We love Fort Worth and all its dirt has to offer.

About Us


Joy, plants, people, community, mud, chickens, goats, beauty, a collage of healthy goodness is what you will find at Elizabeth Anna Urban Farm, Market, CSA and Permaculture Educational Hub.

We take the three tenants of permaculture to heart; care of earth, care of people and sharing are all part of what we do on and off  site in our community and with our world.

You will find us registered  as hosts with WWOOF–we accept short and long term learners. 

Our mission in a nutshell is to grow food, community, and beauty in harmony with nature. Out side of our city farm the core of our landscape work is to create beauty and functionality using permaculture practices, and thus creating sustainable sites and living spaces.

We also place high value on the way we treat the earth God asked us to love, the people God shares as gifts, and the responsibility of the knowledge we gain by studying creation/nature. 

We take a stand for family farms, Humanly raised, and harvested animals, the absence of genetically modified organisms(GMO) and small local business gets our cash and support!

Landscape & Irrigation

Let us create a green oasis for your family and your company!

We have a multitude of services provided by licensed irrigators & permaculture design certified staff. Whether you need a repair or a redesign, we can meet your needs and your budget.

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