"Food doesn't get anymore local than this!"

We love Fort Worth and all its dirt has to offer.

About Us

Loving local food, inspiring others to plant

Elizabeth Anna’s urban farm and garden is about more than buying pretty flowers or getting a landscape installed, but we are also about loving local family farm food, inspiring others to grow edibles, welcoming (the thought of) farm animals  into your life, being sustainable, educating, working with nature rather than against it, and most of all… building community. We love Fort Worth and all its dirt has to offer.

We do love our gardens too, not just the ones we eat! Plant lots of flowers for the bees, please– year around…

Landscape & Irrigation

Let us create a green oasis for your family and your company!

We have a multitude of services provided by licensed irrigators & permaculture design certified staff. Whether you need a repair or a redesign, we can meet your needs and your budget.  Call or email us for a quote.

Permaculture Design Course

This course is priceless!

The Permaculture Design Course is a 72 hour intensive course taught by Wayne Weiseman. It combines theory with practical hands on learning. Participants will learn Permaculture design principles & techniques. The course includes lectures, discussions, hands-on, slide shows, field trips and design projects.  As we are in a Metroplex, the course will focus design and techniques applied to an urban area, such as gardening in small spaces, using edge guilds, composting, bio-remediation and community garden design. The 2014 class will be taught in two sections. September 25th through September 28th and then the final session ail be October 16th through October 19th. Sign up now for a life changing experience!

Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project is certified by the American Institute of Architecture, and their continuing educational program. Wayne is thought to be the best instructor in the nation and one of the best in the world. He is a dear friend and collaborator with us at Elizabeth Anna’s Urban Farm.

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